3 Tips on Giving

3 Tips - Giving This Season

This month’s topic is on Giving This Season. During the holidays, we are inundated with companies and organizations asking us to give. How do you know if your money is getting to the people who really need it?

Tip #1: Look up the organization on Charity NavigatorCharity Navigator Logo

Charity Navigator is an independent evaluator of charities. With one quick search, you can see how the organization is rated using a simple 4-star system. It also considers a charity’s organizational efficiency, capacity ratings, revenues, and expenses.

Tip #2: Find out how much of your donation is spent on administrative expenses.

American Cancer Society

It is amazing how many organizations use 10%, 20%, even 30% of your donation for fundraising and administration. It is better to give to an organization where administrative expenses are less than 5%. The American Cancer Society, a highly regarded charity, has administrative expenses of about 8.1% and fundraising expenses of about 22.4%. This means that over 30% of your donation is allocated to the operations of the American Cancer Society.

Tip #3: Give your time

Often giving your time is worth more than giving your $$$.

Volunteer Match

Volunteering can be more than serving food at a soup kitchen or sorting clothes and toys. You can donate your time in your expertise. Sites like www.VolunteerMatch.org help volunteers find organizations that need help. Whether you are a designer, accountant, or marketing specialist - there is a way you can volunteer your time and make a difference.

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