CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Olive View-UCLA Medical Center Foundation

Olive View Foundation Logo

Olive View-UCLA Medical Center Foundation

Non-profit, bi-lingual health education organization

Time period: 2007-present

Development: HTML, Javascript, Flash

Environment: Linux


A provider of cost-free health education in Spanish and English to a community in need, Olive View - UCLA Medical Center Foundation was founded two decades ago, in 1986. It does not fund medical care but rather health education for common, but harmful diseases, like asthma, breast cancer, and diabetes. Within the hospital, they also sponsor the “Comfort Care Room” for terminally ill patients.

Crystal Coding Concepts became involved with the development, updates, and maintenance of the Olive View Foundation website in 2007. We’ve updated the shockwave-flash animations to accomodate video, provide movement and hold site visitor attention. The development of improved navigation and updates to content also assists the website, keeping it fresh so it continues to convey their message.

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