Link Love and SEO

link love seoDue to the page ranking algorithms used by the engines, it used to be best practice to have many external links back to a web site’s pages, while limiting the number of outbound links. Times and algorithms have changed. Now, search engine marketers use terms like - link juice, link love, link power, and link votes. They all relate to the power obtained from external backlinks. These links back to a site send visitor traffic that might otherwise not have found it and have the power to raise a web site’s ranking.

How to Use It

To get “link love”, you have to give “link love”. Link to or exchange links to sites you like and enjoy visiting. Backlinks to your site from another similar or same type content-related site, of equal or better quality and ranking is very beneficial. Your site’s ranking can receive a powerful lift from increased traffic referred by other good sites, much like a viewer’s “thumbs up” on a social networking site. Do not forget to link to smaller or newer less well-ranked sites. If the site has quality content, its ranking will rise.

Know the page rank and number of backlinks to each of your pages. Raise the page ranking of your important internal pages by employing all of the SEO techniques, including links to other appropriate sites. In building your site’s link profile, make certain that the different external links land on differing pages. Having all backlinks land on only one page can send an undesired message to search engines that your site content contains little interest to the community – backlinks for the sake of backlinks.

Be thoughtful about the links passed from your site to another site, ensuring they have equity. It can be better to link to an internal page of another site, because the content topic of the page relates better to your site’s theme. Sustain your end of an exchange. Not every page of any site is equal in appeal. Make sure that each page external sites link to is interesting, has well written content and contains links to other related, less viewed pages of your site.

In a Nutshell

Many of your site pages will not have backlinks to them. Work at increasing the number that do; make the ones that do count; and give some link juice love to some poorer link friends.

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