Slumdog - Better Choices Through Education

It is interesting to know that the children from Slumdog Millionaire have had  similar real life circumstances as the roles they played. Many people say the movie is uplifting. That in spite of all the trials and tribulations Jamal undergoes, the movie ends happily for him. But it is a movie… and the end is sugar […]

Slumdog Millionaire Kids from an Asha for Eduction Project

Have you seen Slumdog Millionaire?  Two of the children (Salim and Latika) are students in the Asha for Education funded project called Aseema.   They have acted really well and are enjoying all the attention they are getting!Aseema video to one of the projects we’re helping with: more information, visit the project webpage or the Aseema Site Visit Report, March 2007.